Page 150 - The Hunt - Spring 2019
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                 The Brandywine Valley is one of the most placid and attractive natural areas in the mid-Atlantic.
The rain of the night before has gone away, but there are still puddles lingering across the trail as it snakes along a century-old stone wall. We’re in the parking lot of Brandywine Creek State Park, located on
a hillside near where Adams Dam and Thompson Bridge roads intersect just outside of Greenville, Del. While clearly marked, the path—Tulip Tree Trail, named for the Tulip Tree Woods Natural Preserve—has a natural base and is strewn with leaves and stones.
Gradually, the wall and meadow are left behind, and
a connector path links us to Hidden Pond Trail, and we start our descent through the dense woods toward the Brandywine Creek. Wallace, my walking friend’s golden retriever, strains at his leash as a squirrel dashes across the trail. As we near the creek, he lets Wallace slip the leash, and the dog dives into the Brandywine, which is running fast and high after recent rains.
The current is fairly strong for flat water. It’s the reason to why E.I. du Pont built his gunpowder mill downstream, and why other entrepreneurs of the day also utilized the waterway for their woolen and grist mills. But Wallace is a strong swimmer, and when my friend throws a tennis ball

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