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                  When they moved to West Chester, Pa., the custom designed 25-year-old Colonial farmhouse they settled into was perfect in many ways. It suited their two school-aged daughters and had lovely architectural features. But the dark kitchen came up short. “It had a small island and very little counter space,” recalls Walter. “And the wallpaper with pale-blue lilacs had to come down before I moved in.”
Said wallpaper was one of many changes she made to modernize and brighten the space.
French Flair
Having been through a kitchen renovation once before, Walter knew how to bring together her vision. Pinterest didn’t yet exist when she underwent that first project. This time, it helped her source additional ideas.
She knew she wanted more than an aesthetically pleasing space where family and friends could congregate. She wanted a kitchen with professional appliances
in a well-organized layout to complement her
culinary creativity.
fall 2019
Sue Walter’s kitchen, before (right) and after (above).

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