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                 Imagine the history you can make here now.
from specifically natural importers like Jenny & François, Selections de la Viña
and Zev Rovine. We’ve always been a champion of what they do. And now, we routinely have people come to us specifically for natural wine.”
Collier places a significant emphasis on wine education, offering various in-store tastings and evening classes, which are often sold out. To keep palates pleased, the shop continues to bring in many new wines each month. Just don’t expect to find Kendall-Jackson and other mass- market brands on her shelves. “People came to me then for the new, different, unknown—and they come to me now for the same reason,” says Collier.
Local shops
have faced the challenges—and opportunities—posed by the rise of craft beer and spirits.
Not surprisingly, almost all locally
owned shops have faced the challenges—and opportunities—posed by the rise of craft beer and spirits. Govatos has been championing Amaro and Vermouth of late. Both, he says, are gaining a following. “Craft spirits have really taken off for us,” Govatos says. “We’d always catered to the craft cocktail crowd, and I’m finding that a lot of customers are becoming exploratory in this segment— trying different things rather than the larger, well-known brands.”
In light of all the demand for different options, consumers still want experience.
“I believe all wine stores—or any type of single-person-owned shop, for that matter— take on the personalities of their owners,” Collier says. “Collier’s doesn’t just sell alcohol—we sell an experience.”
Collier’s customers could save time buying a mixed case of wine, but they prefer to pop in daily on their way home. “I believe people will gravitate to a store that makes them feel comfortable and happy,” she says.
Despite the many changes the industry has experience, discerning drinkers still enjoy that personal touch, which is apparently thriving locally. o
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