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                HOME & GARDEN
  The home of Christopher and Susan Casscells was made of Brandywine granite in 1919 and expanded in 1927.
windows, one of many projects they accomplished with the help of craftsman Cliff Cook. “He’s a perfectionist and understands the house completely,” Susan says.
While Chris tended to his patients’ health, he also worked to heal the house, setting up an extensive workshop on the property. “I can reproduce a piece of molding that looks original to the house, which allows us to maintain the integrity of the design,” he says.
Their renovations reinforced just how
strong Brandywine granite is. Rich in iron and magnesium, the stone is technically gneiss,
a type of metamorphic rock formed by high temperatures and pressure acting on formations of igneous or sedimentary rocks. Three times weightier than fieldstone, Brandywine granite was used to construct gunpowder-making structures at nearby Hagley. When the Casscells made a small expansion to a bathroom, workers had to remove three tons of stone.
To further maintain the house’s history, the couple has furnished its more than
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