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 Make the Cut
Like your reliable Swiss Army knife, this timeless collection—also by Victorinox—will be a go-to in the kitchen. Handling all but the most specialized chopping, cutting and slicing chores, it is ideal for your second home or pied-à-terre. Grand Maître
forged knives seamlessly transition from blade to handle with a subtle thickening
of the steel, which acts as a bolster at the point where the two meet, preventing slipping. The set includes kitchen, steak, carving, Santoku and chef’s knives, plus multipurpose kitchen shears. $500,
   Waves of Color
The Northstar retro microwave combines high-tech features with vintage vibes. Made by Elmira Stove Works, it’s equipped with 1200 watts of power and a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet. It also features Genius sensor cook, which allows chefs on the fly to microwave food without setting the time. And it’s stylish, with nine standard colors and more than 1,000 custom shades. $699,
In a Jiffy
Freshly baked pizzas in 60 seconds? The portable, insulated stone-floor Roccbox does just that, thanks to its oven reaching 930 degrees, heated by gas or wood. You can create movable feasts on the deck, the beach, at tailgates, pool side or wherever else you’re entertaining. It also cooks meat, fish and veggies faster than you can place a takeout order. Hopper tool, pizza peel, thermometer, recipe book and online recipe library included. $699,
fall 2019
Carbon Steel? Oui.
Professional chefs and French foodies have been cooking with carbon steel for more than a century. Made in France, the Blue Carbon Steel is a hybrid of a cast-iron skillet—with its heat retention, seasoning and non-stick properties—and a stainless-steel frying pan. It also offers non-stick convenience and cooking speed. $269 for a three-pan set,

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