• For Your Eyes Only

    For Your Eyes Only

    Who doesn’t love a mystery, or in this case a mysterious art form?

    Hand-painted individual eye miniatures were all the rage from 1790 to 1830 in aristocratic England. Barely an inch wide, the "lover's eyes"…
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  • Neilson Carlin

    Neilson Carlin

    American Realism

    One night in 1997, on a train somewhere near Trenton, a young artist named Neilson Carlin began to wonder why he had…
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  • Phoenixville Majolica

    Phoenixville Majolica

    The whimsical wares that took America by storm

    Majolica made transferware look staid. Majolica is fun. To quote the Majolica International Society, it is a "whimsical, humorous, richly sculpted, and…
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  • The Civil War Comes to Chadds Ford

    The Civil War Comes to Chadds Ford

    Explore Civil War memorabilia directly from the battlefield

    This year commemorates the 150th anniversary of three important Civil War events: the Battle of Gettysburg, the Battle of Vicksburg, and the…
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  • Mining Your Local Rambles

    Mining Your Local Rambles

    Discover treasures in your own backyard!

    Mineral specimen displays at museums may seem unattainable to the average person, but there are many places around Chester County where you…
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  • Whitesmithing


    Ironwork with a fancy twist

    What is a whitesmith? Look it up and you'll find some variant of: "tinsmith" and "a worker in iron who finishes or…
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  • Art Appreciation

    Art Appreciation

    Art & Antiques Have Become A Safe Haven

    Like most dealers in the world of fine art, antiques, and collectibles, H.L. "Skip" Chalfant believes a person should buy a painting…
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  • Historic Transferware

    Historic Transferware

    Picturing America

    Imagine that your country lost a war a few decades ago, is about to lose another war to the same country; yet…
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  • Have Fun Furnishing with Antiques

    Have Fun Furnishing with Antiques

    Older pieces add warmth and style

    Whether it's a treasured family heirloom, a piece overflowing with history, or the item you couldn't pass up on an afternoon hunt,…
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  • Unusual Peale Portrait is a Rare Acquisition

    Unusual Peale Portrait is a Rare Acquisition

    Philadelphia Museum of Art adds significant piece to its American collection

    Formal portraits of African-Americans were exceeding rare in the early 19th century. The Philadelphia Museum of Art has recently acquired such a…
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  • Soup With Ceremony

    Soup With Ceremony

    Winterthur’s Tureens

    Beautiful Soup, so rich and green, Waiting in a hot tureen! Who for such dainties would not stoop? Soup of the evening,…
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  • Native American Artifacts

    Native American Artifacts

    Wampum will cost you

    While Edward Hicks' naïve style painting Penn's Treaty with the Indians at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a treasure, it doesn't…
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  • Chester County Furniture

    Chester County Furniture

    Newport shells? Check. Shaker room? Got it. New York Classical chairs? Yes. The Philadelphia Museum of Art's (PMA) American Collections are not…
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  • Earthly Possessions

    Earthly Possessions

    A Benjamin Franklin scavenger hunt

    Finding Benjamin Franklin's possessions scattered around Philadelphia is like a scavenger hunt for the soul of the city and a fun way…
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